Should You Get an Electric Car? – The Good and the Bad of Electric Cars

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Going electric is what most people wish they could do but many never do. It means purchasing an electric car and using it as your main means of transportation, sometimes the only means of transportation.

Electric cars are aplenty nowadays and every car company offers an electric version of their vehicles, allowing customers of all budgets to find one that will work for them. But, should you get an electric car? Just like everything in life – we need to do a proper research before making a decision and it is the same even for miniscule things like whether or not blonde hair suits us, to finding out whether or not we can use Casa de apuestas Argentina, to finally finding out whether or not electric cars should be our new investment.

Here are our thoughts on electric cars.

If the Infrastructure is Good, Definitely

Electric cars are the future, as internal combustion engines and manufacturers are all striving to minimize the toxicity and emissions that come out of the exhausts of the cars. Well, electric cars have no exhausts. They also have fewer moving parts, which means that there will be less waste in terms of maintenance, such as transmissions, not to mention the moving parts in an engine.

A good infrastructure is required for one to use their electric car on a regular basis. Having no charging stations complicates matters. Not everybody has a garage or where to leave their car to charge overnight.

A good infrastructure allows a daily commuter to charge their car on the way to or from work, and have it ready for another couple of days.

If the Infrastructure is Lacking, Consider Other Options

A bad infrastructure means that one will not be able to charge their cars at charging stations.

If there is a charger and a garage that one can use at home, then owning an electric car makes sense, but if it is used inside the city and for commuting. Traveling inter-city with an electric car and no infrastructure is a great way to become stranded somewhere.Plug-in hybrids are a great way to still be electric, part of the time, and use a gasoline engine to achieve greater speeds and help the car when the batteries are emptied. 

Mostly Long Distance Travel – Teslas or Internal Combustion Engine Cars

If one mostly travels long distances, not many cars are good electric choices, particularly having in mind the range that cars have. Teslas come to mind, as far as electric cars are concerned, and that is only if there is a good infrastructure.

On another hand, petrol or diesel cars are available in all shapes and sizes and will deliver a person from A to B with little hassle, but with worse emissions.

Everything has its pros and cons and cars are not different in that regard. Electric cars in particular, at the moment, have obvious pros such as lower emissions, a quiet ride, and charging with an outlet. 

The bad side of electric cars is the range, the anxiety which comes with electric cars, as well as lack of a supporting infrastructure in some parts of the world.